Jekaterina Novikova, PhD

Natural Language Processing (NLP) • Trustworthy AI (TrustAI) • Machine Learning for Healthcare (ML4Health) •
Evaluation and Metrics (Eval) • Conversational AI (ConvAI) • Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
Jekaterina Novikova

I am a Science Lead at the non-profit organization ARVA, where I lead research efforts towards developing responsible and trustworthy AI systems. Previously, I was a Director of Machine Learning Research at Cambridge Cognition, where I led a team of researchers working on the problem of detecting cognitive impairment and mental health issues from human speech. Before that, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, at the Interaction Lab and Natural Language Processing Lab.

As a researcher, I have researched and developed NLP systems for more than a decade in different countries across the world. This work resulted in over 60 scientific publications (h-index 18, 4000+ citations), 3 patent applications, and multiple invited talks and presentations. Several years ago I have organized the End-to-End NLG shared task which set a new research agenda for neural text generation. More recently, I co-led the development of the BLOOM large language model, and worked on several large multi-disciplinary collaborations, such as GEM benchmark and BIG-bench scaled collaborative benchmark.

My current activities include serving as an expert advisor in the ACL Special Interest Group on NLP & LLM Security SIGSEC, as an associate editor for the Adaptive Behavior journal, as a reviewer at ACL, EMNLP, NeurIPS and ICLR conferences, and as a steering committee member of the Toronto Machine Learning Society. I was recognized as one of the "Top 25 Women in AI in Canada", "30 Influential Women Advancing AI in Canada", and received the "Industry Icon" award from the Applied Research in Action program at the University of Toronto. I have best research paper nominations at the conferences SigDIAL and HAI.


Oct, 2023

I started serving as an Expert Advisor at the Special Interest Group on NLP & LLM Security, the ACL SIGSEC. Follow the talks on cutting-edge LLMSEC issues on our YouTube channel.

June, 2023

My team is organizing the Workshop on Machine Learning for Cognitive and Mental Health at AAAI 2024.

Nov, 2022

I am in the list of Top 25 Women in AI in Canada

Oct, 2022

I co-organize the GEMv2 workshop at EMNLP 2022 to support the GEM benchmark initiative for Natural Language Generation

Nov, 2021

I was recognized with the "Industry Icon Award" by the Applied Research in Action (ARIA 2021), University of Toronto

April, 2020

I gave a talk at the ODSC East virtual conference

Nov, 2019

I gave a talk at the MLconf in San Francisco

Nov, 2018

I am in the list of 30 Influential Women Advancing AI in Canada